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Hi, I'm Ashleah. :D I love chocolate and Damey Salvytore, and I'm a pretty big fan-girl of anything I like. XD I'm the Bob in Boshelly, and Shelly is my boyfriend--Damey Salvatore. X3 X3 X3 (No, you can't have him. ^.^) I love ships and .GIFs, and in case nobody's told you today, I love you, and you're beautiful. : ) <3



The Princess and the Frog 


Before anyone gets upset, I wanted to know what the heroines would look like if they looked a little more like me. I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin, and my favorite color is blue, so all the heroines I edit to look like that have nothing to do with my views. 

If you still get upset, please click here. Know, though, that I’m discussing two different arguments on representation in this tag. Keep in mind which series you’re looking at. 

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    The only black princess and they had to do this shit to her. lol at white people. Y’all so pathetic
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    NO ONE ON THIS POST HATES WHITE PEOPLE. Little black girls should have someone that look like them to look up to and so...
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    The amount of people on here that hate white people is disgusting. This girl even said it was art and she still gets...
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    She literally explains in the original post that she’s just curious to see what they would look like with her features...
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    Everyone is being a dick. This girl did a beautiful reworking of one of my favorite characters and I love it! I would...
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    ^^All that… and pray tell why it’s wonderful to racebend the white princesses (heck, even the nonwhite ones) to nonwhite...
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    Yeah, I am still pissed off about this.
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    guys she literally said in the post that she likes to edit characters to look like her, its not at all about racism...
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